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MoonPies and MovieStars

Viking Adult/ Penguin Group ISBN 0670038172 Cover art © 2006 Ross MacDonald Paperback, June 24, 2008 Hardcover December 28, 2006

A laugh-out-loud romp across America pits a feisty Texas momma against the Hollywood machine

Ruby Kincaid is busy these days—running her late husband’s bowling alley, wrangling her pistol of a sister, and chasing after the two grandchildren her daughter abandoned. When she sees her runaway daughter Violet starring in a TV commercial, there’s only one choice and Ruby knows it—Hollywood or bust. Ruby packs a Winnebago with two friends, two unruly grandkids, and a mondosize package of MoonPies and hightails it to California to fetch her wayward daughter. In a madcap road trip from the dusty flats of Texas to the glittering aisles of The Price Is Right, Ruby survives with a little pluck and some Texas spunk. Fans of Lorna Landvik and Billie Letts will love this tender and side-splittingly funny story of indomitable spirit and unstoppable force.

Raves for MoonPies and Movie Stars

“To read MoonPies and Movie Stars is to take a delightful and exhilarating journey, kind of like being on a tour bus guided by Eudora Welty on speed. And yet, Amy Wallen never allows her characters to degenerate into caricatures. She succeeds at keeping the difficult balance between humor and compassion. Her characters live and breathe–we don’t want to wear their clothes or eat their food, but we sure want their company.”

—Mary Gordon, author of The Stories of Mary Gordon and Pearl

“With a pitch perfect ear for comic dialogue and fine sense of the absurd, Amy Wallen writes herself a place on the porch swing of great Southern writing, as she follows the misadventures of three determined Texas ladies sworn to find a runaway daughter in Hollywood and return her to husband and children in the Lone Star State .”

—Janet Fitch, author of Paint it Black and White Oleander

Amy Wallen’s first novel mines the hilarity of the modern Southern woman with good humor and enough snappy dialogue to fill a dozen beauty parlors.”

—Mark Childress, author of Crazy in Alabama and One Mississippi

“When Ruby sees her runaway daughter on television, she leaves Texas and sets off for Hollywood with her wild sister, her traumatized grandchildren, and her daughter’s uptight mother-in-law all together in a travel trailer. Amy Wallen has written a moving and funny story of a mother’s search for her daughter and of children longing for their mother, all wrapped up in a sassy tale as sweet as Moon Pies.”

—Loraine Despres, author of The Bad Behavior of Belle Cantrell andThe Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc.

“Alternately comic and poignant, Amy Wallen’s debut is a classic road-trip romp with a heart of pure gold.”

—Marsha Moyer, author of The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch and The Last of the Honky-tonk Angels

“MoonPies and Movie Stars is a funny, touching and richly human story. I’d ride in the dusty backend of a pickup with the dogs just to spend more time with these characters. Ten-gallon hats off to Amy Wallen. Her writing makes you want to put on your cowboy boots, stuff jalapenos in your pockets and hunt down rattlesnakes.”

—Judy Reeves, author of The Writer’s Retreat Kit and A Writers’s Book of Days